Business Coaching

Too many small business owners work too hard, for too many hours for far too little return.  Would it help for you to review your business processes, productivity and cash flow?  Do you have budgets in place?  Do you need a Business Coach?????

As Michael Gerber points out in his book, ‘The E Myth – Why Most Businesses Don’t Work and What To Do About It’, “Most people work IN their business. The secret is NOT to work in it, it’s to work ON it so that you don’t have to work IN it”

We’re not your ‘average’ accounting firm that just crunches numbers and ‘keeps the score’.

Far from it. Rather than just have an accountant, our business clients enjoy a ‘business coach’ relationship. As your Business Coach, we work ON your business to develop a business independent of you.

We develop business strategies, systems and processes to ensure your marketing generates a better return and repeat business. We review your Cash Flow andBudgets to ensure that the business process can achieve results.  We use tools and techniques such as business benchmarking and Key Performance Indicators(KPI’s) to increase salesproductivity and make your financials more meaningful. When you work with us you have a true business advisor committed to your results.

We combine our knowledge of your business with our expertise and business consulting tools to help you achieve more than you imagined possible.

Knowledge is power. If you know how to read your Cash Flow and work within your budgets it’s easier to see how your business is performing.  And then, you can make informed decisions and have the power to control your results. As your Business Advisor, we can help identify emerging issues so that a minor problem never becomes a major crisis.

No matter what size your business is, success comes down to strategically thinking about the future, and Business Coaching helps.

As our Business Advisor, we use tools such as ‘business benchmarking’ to systematically measure your operating performance over time and then compare the results against similar businesses. It helps identify key strengths and weaknesses which in turn allows us to develop strategies to improve the operating performance of the business. Statistics, ratios and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’S) that focus on key areas of your business are also monitored and we compare them to prior periods and available industry data.

Accurate and timely financial information is vital in the process and we have a commitment to excellence – from business compliance to business consulting. Our experienced team provide advice that is both technically sound and success driven.

Speak to us today about our Business Coaching service and let’s get to work ON your business because …

… Small Business is Our Passion!